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People absolutely love this guitar. Furthermore, Mahogany develops a better tone as it ages. Buy this Yamaha CPX600 Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Cutaway on Amazon, What Are Dynamics In Music? 3/4 guitar – Review of Best Small Sized Guitars for Kids . Does the fretboard’s wood affect the sound quality of the guitar? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. When there are massive changes in temperature, the pores of solid wood can break open. These short grains explain why the meranti wood is brittle. It is part of Yamaha’s top-rated FG series. It's generally regarded as a budget tonewood, Meranti is very strong, but it has somewhat lackluster tonal qualities. The scale length is smaller, allowing the kids to reach for notes on the extreme end of the fretboard. 8) The neck of the Yamaha JR1 and JR2 is made of Nato wood. All of these added features are included so that you or your child will have everything they need to begin playing as soon as possible. This feature makes it stable and pretty easy to carve. The tone on this guitar is really nice. In fact, some guitarists unusually strum the latter end of the fretboard instead of the soundbox. So, you can bring it for road trips, campfire sing-alongs, etc., without worrying about it getting ruined. Adults with small hands will also find convenience with this guitar. This is because its Mahogany back and sides with Ultra-Thin Finish, gives it a slightly better sound than the Yamaha JR1. Both the Yamaha JR2 acoustic guitar and the Yamaha JR1 come with a gig bag. OVERVIEW: The FG JR2 is a great starter guitar for kids ages 7 to 11. As a result of its compact size, these kids with smaller finger structure and body stature can properly handle the guitar. X. The tuners are clearly good quality – you can feel when you turn them that they aren’t loose, and the gears move smoothly. The sounds produced from spruce tops have longer sustain than cedar tops. For guitar tops, Spruce and Cedarwood are the most commonly used woods. For beginners, this can be deceiving as improper handling of chords will not be very noticed. As stated in the similarities, the Yamaha JR1 and JR2 come with steel strings. Its easy neck is composed of nato, rosewood fingerboard, and satin finish. If you’re looking for a travel guitar, durability is one determinant that you should totally consider! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. They claim that while the product is said to be a 3/4 guitar, it is a 1/2 guitar in reality. Because of this wood, the JR2 is more durable and slightly better sounding. In this section, the Yamaha JR2 is the winner--while we love the antiqued look of the JR1, we think that the JR2 acoustic guitar wins this round because buyers can choose a finish. What are the Unique Advantages of the Yamaha JR1 and JR2? Furthermore, most 3/4 guitars do not require hard strumming, striking, beating, plucking, and other playing techniques. The bag that came with the FG2 I got for my 7-year-old son is brown with backpack straps with a big zippered pocket on top along with a smaller zipper pocket near the neck. Because of the strength and pores in spruce wood, a bright sound is guaranteed with each note highlighted individually. Which is more affordable: Steel vs Nylon guitar strings? An example is Gibson Les Pauls – these are expensive, really nice, and almost always made of mahogany. The major unique disadvantage of the Yamaha JR2 is the cost of purchase. What are the Differences Between the Yamaha JR1 and JR2? This is unlike the meranti wood used for the earlier released JR1. As a result, guitar manufacturers are more concerned about the fretboard’s wood feel, rather than the effect on the sound. Here are those: There’s not much of a difference really, but the winner is clearly Yamaha JR2. This clearly means that the guitar will have a shorter fingerboard/fretboard. Despite the limitations that come with using guitars of their sizes, they offer great features at affordable prices. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. As a matter of fact, the JR1 sports that same iconic shape, though at a lesser scale. What circumstances is the Yamaha JR1 best suited for? 6) The Yamaha JR1 and JR2 have steel strings. The use of mahogany for the back and sides produces an amazing sound quality. similar to the previous product, in that this guitar is also lightweight at Of course, while it won't sound like natural mahogany, this unique finish gives the JR2 a unique and beautiful finish. They’re not looking to risk the company name, so they take all the guitar-making experience they’ve built up over decades and decades of doing this, and they put it into instruments like these. Required fields are marked *. If you are willing to spend a little more, there is a solid top version of this. Yamaha is very considerate with their price. It is part of Yamaha’s top-rated FG series. enough to transport easily. Meranti is a lesser-known wood that you might be less familiar with. Which has better sound properties: Mahogany vs Meranti? The FG JR2  is an ideal starter guitar for any children ages 7-11 who are serious about learning guitar. These kinds of strings are harder to play than nylon strings. So, if you want something small but comfortable and good sounding for your kid(s), getting a 3/4 guitar is your best bet. For the Yamaha JR1, Meranti is used. It is also the factor of its soft and clear acoustic tone. So, in your bid to increase the sound, do not strum hard. At this stage of their lives, they likely have the required finger length and stature to hold and play the full-size guitar. But toughness isn’t enough. Yamaha’s phenomenal FG series has been around for about 50 years. The first time a kid learns to play a few chords to a popular song they know, and it sounds like the actual song – that’s the kind of dopamine rush that can get them really into guitar and keep them practicing and playing for years, so in my opinion, it’s just worth giving them what most people consider a “real” acoustic guitar – a steel string. scale length for your convenience. If you are playing jazz, rock, or classical music, the individuality and technicality needed for each note will have you tilting towards spruce tops. This is despite the fact that they hurt more than nylon strings. Why the price difference? Also, the length of the strap is to align with your playing position. This is because they are so compact that they can be used in unusual positions. There are different guitar sizes designed for different kinds of players. Although they are much smaller and lighter than regular guitars, they offer great acoustic sounds. All rights reserved. 2) It is a very durable guitar. The Yamaha JR1 and JR2 are good guitars. I’ve thought about it, and I think the reason I like it so much is this: Yamaha has two big things going for it that makes their guitars such an excellent value: 1. This makes them great for projecting finger movements and highlighting individual notes. Unlike the previous product, Alternatively, if you would like to have a guitar that comes with a light weight, 1/2 size, with an instructional DVD, extra strings, a tuner, picks, and a polishing cloth, then the Yamaha JR2 may be the best choice for you. This guitar allows users to perform finger movements possible on the regular size guitar. What Is the Unique Advantage of the Yamaha JR1? This is why compact guitars like the Yamaha JR1 and JR2 use a spruce wood top. This is mostly about age. This is regardless of the guitar being a 3/4 or full-size guitar. The wood on the back and side of the JR2 is different than the JR1 (Mahogany vs. Meranti), and it has a UTF (Ultra Thin Finish) on the JR2. Also, as a beginner advances, s/he will need items such as the tuner and capo at some point.

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