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Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Korok Locations, Cute Zelda-Style 2D Adventure Ocean's Heart Looks Like It's Switch-Bound, "Battle fearsome monsters and wield various weapons and ancient magic", Super Mario Maker Online Services To Be Terminated, Will Soon Be Removed From Sale, Review: Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Not The Zelda Game You Want, But Perhaps The One You Need, Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Tips And Beginner's Guide, 16 starter tips to get you off on the right foot, Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (Wii U). Nintendo has released some new information about the upcoming release, Wind Waker HD. A circle of light no longer appears around Link when he enters a dark area. Legend Of Zelda The The Wind Waker. Always proud to have them just a click away from some great fun! Just waiting for my 2 TB Western Digital to arrive, then I'll shoehorn this bad boy into it! Nintendo aims for smaller loading times, hence why their download sizes are much much smaller than other AAA games. File / open : Exemple : New Super Mario Bros U EUR MULTi WiiU Loadiine READY2PLAY\New Super Mario Bros U\code C'est de l'open GL moi j'ai 24/35FPS (New super Mario Bros. U) et des fois 60FPS (Mario Maker). FWIW, 25GB is the single layer BluRay disc limit, 50GB for dual layer disc. @Marshi It's not surprising. No problems though. For example, my 8GB iPod Touch really only has about 6.5GB of storage because 2.5GB of the storage space is taken up my the OS. Here's How Much Space Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Will Take Up On Your Wii U. Just means I'll download it that much faster if it's the cheapest + quickest option when the release date comes around. It utilizes a full-fledged lighting and shadowing system that allows for more realistic and fuller lighting than the original. That is actually a bit lower than I expected the download size to be. I'm playing through Wind Waker for the first time in quite a few years and I thought I'd just document any NPCs I find that don't seem right as I progress through the game, since you asked for us to let you know of any missed dialogue. Being a game from Naughty Dog though. So even if u get the zelda bundle u still have to download and install the OS? I consider downloading this one, does the game also come early on the EU eshop like in NA? Saving the game will also require an additional 31 MB, and like the original, there are 3 save slots provided. Anything over about 10GB is pretty massive for a PS3 game, you seldom see games that large though there are some obviously. Enjoy . All of which games I have that are not available on the Virtual Console service and likely never will be. With a whopping 18GB that stuffed my Wii U. I do hope in the future that Nintendo eventually puts the amount of space needed for download and install. Attached Files: Zelda_WW_HD_Mega_Trainer_v2 (by Toto621).7z File size: 4.6 KB Views: 80. Having a 50Mb Internet connection, Nintendo's servers took nearly an entire day to download the game data and about an hour to install. @MadAussieBloke Well back in the Gamecube age they were forced to code pretty efficiently due to the restricted size of the discs. Am I reading that right? Of what I'm rather surprised though. LCU does load at a quick pace but at the price of a major hit to the internal memory of my console. (This worked on my EU version, the file replacement will work for US aswell, I am not responsible for file corruptions) i have 1 terra HD's for each of my Wii U's so downloading is not an issue, When you consider there are alot of eShop indie games that are bigger file sizes and aren't packed with content, also rather short... Nope! Can somebody tell me if the 32gb on the console is actually 32gb or not. I still love the game mind you, but had I known the size, I would have bought retail. XDI have to buy a bigger harddrive, Gamestop was selling a 1TB for Wii U, only $70May get it for christmas. Conducting with the Wind Waker does not begin until a direction is input. (1,556 × 2,467 pixels, file size: 3.03 MB, MIME type: File:Princess Zelda The Wind Waker HD.png,, it is used in a non-commercial setting, and therefore is not being used to generate profit in this context, its use here does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material, it is used in a largely unaltered state, where any editing has been done purely for cosmetic/display purposes, the original content of the image has not been modified, and it is not a derivative work. Haven't tried anything so far, just download CEMU this evening (different timezone) for the sole purpose of playing Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD Items dropped by enemies defeated at sea are automatically drawn towards Link.

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