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Man, I bet you thought that 20th Anniversary PS4 was worth a lot of money, huh? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The Game Boy Light is a pretty rare console any way you slice it: it was only released in Japan, and its main feature was a backlight, allowing play in low light. Have we missed out a favorite collector's edition that you sold for a handsome sum? Updated February 4th, 2020: Anyone who enjoys video games will know that there are limited edition consoles released all the time. Hmm, maybe, if you're ever lucky enough to buy this, you should just take the console. Others worth hundreds, and one in particular pushing several hundred thousand. This limited edition run came with a sleek and translucent blue body, a 2TB hard drive, a vertical stand, and a PlayStation camera. The fact that this game is a PS4 exclusive didn't stop it from becoming a huge hit and a best-seller after it was released in 2018. This high price stopped it from becoming particularly popular with the non-gaming market in Japan. These days, it's very much a historical footnote, Sega's attempt at the 32-bit generation that just failed dramatically. If you own one, put it on eBay! However, others were given away in a competition, with anyone who bought All You Need Is Love on Xbox Live going into the draw. The edition contained the game, an indigo and yellow console, controller with Pokémon decals, as well as a Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak. Only 500 of these were made, produced for the Japanese car and bike company Maziora. In order to celebrate the launch of the game, Sony also released a special edition PlayStation 4. Now this is a weird one. This limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro was released to celebrate the launch of God of War, a popular mythology-based action game that was released in 2018. When most people think of the PlayStation 2 console, they typically think of the black consoles. Have you picked up one of these editions at far below market value? 0. It may just be your standard DSi on the inside, but its decals let everybody know that you are a dedicated Pokémon trainer, and that you earned (or at least got yourself to a show) your way to it. The PS2 is easily one of the best and most beloved consoles ever made, so its no surprise that its rarer models can fetch a pretty penny. Back when they were new, you could expect to pay somewhere in the region of $850, but they've only been getting rarer, and it's likely we'll see the price increase again yet. You actually got to see your Pokémon in glorious (if slightly polygonal) 3D! Well, Metal Gear Solid certainly is a popular franchise, isn't it? Rare Silver Limited Edition Playstation 2 PS2 Boxed Manual Inlays & Rare Games Nothing. There was just one. RELATED: PlayStation 5: 10 Sequels Bound To Appear On The Next-Gen Console. The console was an odd one: it projected a holographic image across a twin layer of LEDs, and they hyped it up to the extreme, falsely claiming the images were lifelike and 3D. There are a lot of mods for the PC version of the game that expand on the game even more and this game has been released on a wide variety of platforms. This special edition bundle is one that's impossible to put a price tag on. In order to get this console in your collection, get ready to pay up to $1,000. The console resembles a briefcase and the controller has really unique silver detailing on it. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Comment. This version of the PlayStation 2 is called the Ocean Blue model. Absolutely nothing at all. The systems' boxes were produced and everything, but then Atari pulled the plug before launch. Despite only being able to play Japanese 3DS games, I'd still grab one if I could: just look at how cool the system looks! Only a handful were ever made, and when you look at that price tag, you immediately understand why. Hitman is a game that was released on the PlayStation 4 and other consoles in 2016. All over the console and the controller are symbols from the game and the controller has the God of War logo on it. Although this console has gone for as much as $1,400 in the past, it's usually closer to $500 to $600 to buy. Then, there are some people that are really dedicated to collecting all the limited-edition versions of consoles, which can get pretty difficult and expensive. Only five units were ever produced, and honestly, thank the lord for that. I really don't think that my collector's edition of Perfect Dark Zero that I got when I bought an Xbox 360 is going to be worth anything these days, beyond a perfunctory few bucks. If you're looking to get this bundle brand new in its original packaging, it can go for up to $750, but a used one is significantly cheaper. Marvel's Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 has become a really popular game for both fans of this superhero and just fans of action-adventure games. If you ever see one on eBay, you can expect to fork over a few thousand dollars for it. With the release of the fifth game in the franchise, a special edition PlayStation 3 console was released. The 500 Million Edition of the PlayStation 4 Pro was released in 2018. Some countries even got a VHS of the anime bundled in with others getting a travel journal. Unlike the other consoles we've discussed so far, there weren't several hundred of these made. That said, it's not as valuable as that distinction may suggest (probably because no one cares). This console is a grey and white color with yellow accents. Supply and demand in full effect. Another special edition that, despite coming out fairly recently, is still selling for high amounts. When most people think of the PlayStation 2, they think of the black version of the console. Despite being only released last year, its already being sold for good amounts of cash. The Christmas Edition's console, however? You'd connect a little dock to the system in order to play games, but then you were away. But, alongside it was a special edition pink version. These games can be either really good or not-so-great, but a lot of them become collector's items because of the fact that they have a special connection to another piece of media. Not only does the console itself feature a cool design, but the software is also custom, with a brand new Hatsune Miku theme, exclusive to this edition. In Japan, a special edition console themed after Minecraft was released. There were a pretty good number of them made, but the fact that it was a region-exclusive console makes it hard to get for a lot of gamers now. Many other colorways, including pink, blue, white, red, and yellow were released in different regions around the world. Each console contains more than 220g of nine karat gold, though the PS4 contains 6 grams more than the Xbox One. This console looks pretty much like a regular PlayStation 4 Pro, except for the fact that the shell of the console and the controller come in a really cool, translucent blue color instead of the regular opaque black that the console normally is. Listings for a white version of the Net Yaroze can be up to $6,500. The character is a virtual teenage girl with long, turquoise pigtails that has become a hugely popular figure in Japanese pop culture. For the person who has everything, why not get a PlayStation 3 that's been literally dipped in gold? In this article, we're going to through 30 of the most valuable collector's edition consoles ever created. From one Tomb Raider-themed console to another, this one may be from a generation earlier, but man is it more expensive. These consoles, created by Italian jewelers Gatti Luxury Lab, went on sale for five figures five years ago. Seven of these consoles were produced to mark the release of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap by Nintendo of Europe. That's stood the test of time and strained countless wallets. Hatsune Miku has appeared in commercials for Toyota, Dominos, Family Mart, and more. It's estimated that a maximum of 50 were made and they were created as giveaway prizes for IGN. There weren't even several made. It came in a bundle that featured God of War, deluxe content, and a controller engraved with runes. When The Phantom Pain was released, it won a huge amount of plaudits for its incredible gameplay even if it did have a slightly shaky story. ), you could grab this beautiful looking red console, complete with gold accents and Diamond Dog insignia.

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