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Providing a medical education costs considerably more than what a student pays in tuition and fees. Cost of Attendance for Medical (MD) Program. That cost is 2% higher than in the prior year, and it's around $82,000 greater than the median in-state cost at public medical schools in 2019-2020, AAMC data shows. The cost of attendance information on this page will help you see the differences between your first year and your subsequent years as a medical student. Those fees range in cost. Cost of attendance varies by curricular track (Pathways and HST) and by stage (preclerkship, clerkship/Principal Clinical Experience (PCE), and post-PCE/Advanced Experiences). They routinely pay $50,000 or more per year for the privilege, and the average medical student graduates with a debt of over $170,000. 2020-2021 Cost of Attendance. School of Medicine > Administration and Offices > Office of Financial Aid > Cost of Attendance. Secondary application fee. ... Total Indirect Costs: $24,250: $29,545: $30,200: Since the cost of medical school tuition has been rising reliably over the past two decades, you can expect the average cost of medical school tuition in 2018-19 to be around the same, if not higher than the last school year. But for some who pursue careers in medicine, the financial cost has been considerably greater. That’s a lot of money. School of Medicine Budgets: 2020 - 2021; 2019 - 2020; School of Pharmacy Budgets: 2020 - 2021; 2019 - 2020; A NOTE ABOUT BUDGETING FOR Off-Campus Housing IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Tuition, fees, and expenses comprise the cost of attendance of medical school at HMS. Our on/off campus housing budget has been derived by student-reported rent averages in and around the neighborhoods surrounding UC San Diego's campus. The average cost of medical school, like the average cost of college in general, has continuously increased over the years. To fill this gap, the medical school receives funding from the state of Indiana as well as supportive organizations, generous donors and alumni. Cost of Attendance. Note: Final costs are subject to change based on student enrollment. The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is one of the most affordable private medical schools, highly competitive within the state of Florida and nationwide; all while providing the same excellence in medical education that has garnered national and international attention. How much will my medical education cost? Student Financial Assistance. Each year, over 20,000 U.S. students begin medical school. Medical Student. The majority of medical schools require a secondary application. Keep in mind that not all schools use AMCAS, so be sure to check with the respective medical schools you’re interested in applying to determine their admission’s processes. In total, including the cost of an undergraduate degree, paying for medical school can cost you anywhere from $236,000 to nearly $500,000, depending on the school you attend, your residency status and other factors.

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