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(Note: By ראם Ludolf in opposition to Bochart understands the rhinoceros; but this animal, belonging to the swine tribe, is certainly not meant, or even merely associated with it. Every humble suppliant with God who seeks release from the disease of sin, shall speed as well as the Psalmists did, but those who will not so much as seek a cure, need not wonder if their wounds putrefy and their soul dies. r'm vid., Seetzen's Reisen iii. M. Waddington wished to have the vessel and I gave it up to him; and he took it with him to Paris. We do very wickedly and foolishly when we forget God. The poet continues with ויּחשׂף, since he makes one effect of the storm to develope from another, merging as it were out of its chrysalis state. 2. Read verse in New International Version It was a sin in Asa that he trusted to physicians and not to God. The brevity and threefold division of Psalm 29:7 depicts the incessant, zigzag, quivering movement of the lightning (tela trisulca, ignes trisulci, in Ovid). Is this unicorn distinct from the one horned antelope? ), which bend down before the storm and quickly rise up again. I cried unto thee. Psalm 30:2(NASB) Verse Thoughts. The suffix in Psalm 29:6 does not refer proleptically to the mountains mentioned afterwards, but naturally to the cedars (Hengst., Hupf., Hitz. Thou hast healed me — That is, delivered me from the fears and troubles of my mind, (which are often compared to diseases,) and from very dangerous distempers of my body. of I could hardly pray, but I cried; I poured out my soul as a little child pours out its desires. Does this mean the unicorn Germ. We are all aware that mornings of joy follow every night of weeping... but when a death-threatening illness has been reversed by God's grace, and healing hand has brought life-giving health and strength... we should never forget to thank Him and to extol His holy name for His kindness in raising us up into health and wholeness. Verse 2. O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. Psalm 30:2 . Please enter your email address associated with your Salem All-Pass account, then click Continue. All rights reserved. Hence the sure and satisfactory result -- Thou hast healed me. Verse 2. Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. From the northern mountains the storm sweeps on towards the south of Palestine into the Arabian desert, viz., as we are told in Psalm 29:8 (cf. chrn equals qrn), but the unicorn, charnit. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. He went at once to head quarters, and not roundabout to fallible means. And thou hast healed me - Thou didst restore me to health. Psalm 30:2, NASB: "O LORD my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me." The word, according to the Masora, has ש sinistrum, and consequently is isriyown, wherefore Hitzig correctly derives it from Arab. Thank You for the times we have seen those with life-threatening diseases made whole and strengthened by Your goodness and grace. We often call out to God for some restorative miracle for a friend or acquaintance, who has been struck down with a serious health issue or life-threatening complaint, but too often we forget to give God the thanks and praise for His healing touch in our life, and for health restored. Among the well known animals there was also an unicorn, exactly like a zebra or a horse, but with a long horn standing out upon its forehead; on its body was the word Arab. It was obvious that some sort of health issue was causing his adversaries to gloat over David's incapacity... and as well as his restored health, this shepherd-king of Israel gave thanks to God, because the uncharitable gloating of David's enemies over his debilitating illness, had been halted. Psalm 30:2, ESV: "O LORD my God, I cried to you for help, and you have healed me." As for our spiritual diseases, nothing can heal these evils but the touch of the Lord Christ: if we do but touch the hem of his garment, we shall be made whole, while if we embrace all other physicians in our arms, they can do us no service. (Note: The simple rendering of קול by "voice" has been retained in the text of the Psalm, as in the Authorised Version. If our watch is out of order, we take it to the watchmaker; if our body or soul be in an evil plight, let us resort to him who created them, and has unfailing skill to put them in right condition. I cried to my God: I knew to whom to cry; I did not cry to my friends, or to any arm of flesh. Heavenly Father, thank You for the many times You restore health and strength to those who are sick. Neither an unicorn nor an one horned antelope have been seen to the present day by any traveller. Proud member There are many times we cry out to the Lord for His healing touch in our lives and on our bodies. Psalm 30:2 NIV Psalm 30:2 NLT Psalm 30:2 ESV Psalm 30:2 NASB Psalm 30:2 KJV Psalm 30:2 Bible Apps Psalm 30:2 Biblia Paralela Psalm 30:2 Chinese Bible Psalm 30:2 French Bible Psalm 30:2 German Bible Alphabetical: and called cried for God healed help I LORD me my O to you OT Poetry: Psalm 30:2 Yahweh my God I cried to you (Psalm Ps Psa.) Both animals, and consequently also their relation to one another, are up to the present time still undefinable from a scientific point of view. God has scheduled each day of our life and none of us know the day or the hour when we... or those we love, will breathe our last. ראם, (Note: On Arab. Psalm 30:2-3. What does Psalms 30:2 mean? The lightning makes these mountains bound (Luther, lecken, i.e., according to his explanation: to spring, skip) like young antelopes. (c) Restored from the rebellion of Absalom. - Tr.). While Jahve thus reveals Himself from heaven upon the earth in all His irresistible power, בּהיכלו, in His heavenly palace (Psalm 11:4; Psalm 18:7), כּלּו (note how בהיכלו resolves this כלו out of itself), i.e., each of the beings therein, says: כבוד. We do not know what ailed this celebrated king of Israel, but his illness certainly delighted his enemies, for the psalm begins... "I will extol You, O LORD, for You have lifted me up, and have not let my enemies rejoice over me.". - Wetzstein.). O LORD my God, I cried to you, and you have healed me. Moreover, the rhinoceros Germ. Verse 2. יערות is a poetical plural form; and חשׂף describes the effect of the storm which "shells" the woods, inasmuch as it beats down the branches of the trees, both the tops and the foliage. However, we should not forget to offer prayers; supplication; intercession and thanksgiving in every area of life - and not only in connection with health and healing. Psalm 30:2 LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me. Heavenly heart music is an ascending thing, like the pillars of smoke which rose from the altar of incense. Thank You that our times are in Your hands and may we always remember to sing praise to Your holy name, and not remain silent O Lord our God, - but give thanks to You forever and ever, in Jesus' name we pray, AMEN, The Concentration Of Spiritual Energy (part 1). How necessary it is to always recognise the hand of God... touching lives - through prayer. "In the year 1862 the French archaeologist, M. Waddington, was with me in Damascus when an antiquary brought me an ancient vessel on which a number of animals were engraved, their names being written on their bellies. I thought myself lost, and that nothing could prevent my destruction, and we can scarce help looking on the deliverance thou hast vouchsafed me otherwise than as a kind of restoration from the dead: Thou hast revived me, or recovered me to life, from amongst those who go down to the pit; according to the literal rendering of the latter clause. Undiluted thanks and grateful praise is always due to our heavenly Father, when we have been restored to health and strength. i., to gleam, sparkle, cf. nose-horn is called in Egypt charnin (from Arab. one-horn depicted on Persian and African monuments? In Psalm 29:3 the first peals of thunder are heard; in Psalm 29:4 the storm is coming nearer, and the peals become stronger, and now it bursts forth with its full violence: Psalm 29:5 describes this in a general form, and Psalm 29:5 expresses by the fut. John Trapp Complete Commentary. 496.). Samuel Chandler. (wnakdt) The verb is used, either for the healing of bodily disorders Psalms 103:3 , or to denote the happy alteration of any person's affairs, either in private or public life, by the removal of any kind of distress, personal or national.

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