psalm 119 commentary

"Herbert Lockyer recounts a story concerning the largest Bible in the world, a Hebrew manuscript weighing 320 pounds in the Vatican library. "My sheep shall never perish; neither shall any pluck them out of My hand." (Cowper, cited in Spurgeon). Psalm 119:67 Before I was afflicted I went astray, But now I keep Your word. Even as to remove cold the next way is to draw near the fire, so to dispel any death, the next way is to look to him who is our root, by whom we live this natural life. Some have said that in it there is an absence of variety, but that is merely the observation of those who have not studied it. It was not for personal indulgence or even comfort, but so that God's word might be lived and kept. You are my portion, O LORD; v. It is also because God wants to spare the young man (and the older man) the bondage of sin. (1 Pe 2:2+). Has God set you apart today to receive instruction through suffering and pain? . But this communing with the word is not for contemplation, but for practice. Thy testimonies … are … my counsellors. In receiving this support and security, the Psalmist would use it for further obedience to God. Though thy soul be now more perfect, and escaping from the waters of sin has become a bird of heaven, be not careless; earthly things are birdlime and glue; if you rub the wings against these thou wilt be held, and joined to the earth. . Have I done it enabled by the Spirit of Christ (Eph 5:18, cf Gal 5:22-23)? He didn't need new eyes; he needed to see with the eyes he already had. . Then the requirements of the Lord's will were scattered through the word. But I will meditate on Your precepts: In contrast to the proud who loved lies, the Psalmist loved and meditated on God's Word. Is your heart willing to forsake Him? How sweet are Your words to my taste, The jacana is a unique tropical bird. Revive me according to Your lovingkindess: The Psalmist looked to God for new life, for revival. Sum (07218)(ro'sh) means head, crucial part of the body containing the brain stem and other most crucial sensory input parts such as eyes, mouth, ears, etc. Let those who fear You turn to me, Oh, how was often stagger along! Ainsworth (1627) correctly renders: "unto the hornes, that is, all the Court over, untill you come even to the hornes of the altar, intending hereby many sacrifices or boughs." iii. His Word is a “lamp” for our feet and a “light” for our path (Ps. She had but a few coppers in her withered hands. "It is an irrevocable word. i. ", - He saw the danger of pride, evident in those who attacked him; therefore he recognized that the proud are "the cursed, who stray for Your commandments. Those cute little babies if unattended spiritually soon develop sinful characteristics early in life. i. (Spurgeon). ", - He saw the danger of darkened understanding; therefore he prayed, "Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your law. But they fail to learn the deeper truths of God's Word that can stabilize their lives. NIV  Psalm 119:40 How I long for your precepts! You are the source of light and heat to a widely-extended universe'—it would, in fact, render a higher praise to the sun, than we can ever give to our Maker. Do we "wait for Him in the way of His judgments," where He is usually found? —Psalm 119:103. Spurgeon noted "If you read the story of the Reformation, or the later story . If we are poor in this world, it is the Lord's providence. BBE  Psalm 119:36 Let my heart be turned to your unchanging word, and not to evil desire. Revive me according to Your lovingkindness, We also notice that he says, "Oh, how I love Your law!" My soul breaks with longing for Your judgments at all times: His soul longed for God's word so much because he was indeed a stranger in the earth; for those who feel perfectly at home in this world, the word that comes to them from heaven is less precious. ", How full of promised cleansing is the Laver of the Word! As you walk in the life of faith, the Holy Spirit uses the Bible to minister to you. Every worldly compliance against the voice of God is a step into the by-path, which deviates wider and wider from the strait and narrow way, brings discredit upon our professions, proves a stumbling-block in the way of the weak, and will cause us, if not actually to come short, at least to "seem to come short, of the promised rest." If the evangelical volume does not reach every hamlet, the pages of a corrupt and licentious literature will. i. Dross: "The scum that forms on the top when a precious metal is being refined, is discarded by the metalsmith (cf. Deliver me according to Your word. by taking heed thereto according to thy word. "The note of urgent need on which the psalm ends is proof enough that the love of Scripture, which has motivated the scribes of every age, need not harden into academic pride. If you've lost your taste for the "bread of life," confess your negligence and ask God to revive your appetite for His Word. Doctrines which we teach to others we should experience for ourselves. "This is a pure song of praise. He wasn't ignorant of the fact that God had used human authors, and that those human authors still expressed their personality through the inspired writings. Psalm 119:164 Seven times a day I praise You, Because of Your righteous ordinances. Our text asks the question about cleansing. If we focus on others’ possessions, jealousy too often results. 14:9) and the physical resurrection of the dead in the last days (Rev.20:5) but also for the deadly effect of sin (Rom. The expression "from the house of Jahve," like "from the fountain of Israel" in Psalm 68:27, is equivalent to, ye who belong to His house and to the church congregated around it. - This is a promise for the simple; they can approach God's word with confidence, expecting God to give them understanding. No gun in all our arsenals can match it." Yet Jesus knew what truth was, while Pilate was still seeking. He was willing to thank God when no one else could see him or be impressed by his devotion. iii. Let the Bible fill your mind, rule your heart, and guide your life. There are plenty of Bibles in the world to-day. Spiritual things can be seen and known only by a spiritual mind—a mind aided and strengthened by the higher power of vision which the Spirit of God imparts. (Bridges), iv. (Kidner), ii. "Why is it not more of a N.T. (Kidner). Find delight in learning more about God (vv.15-16). CIRCUMSPECTION OF LIFE SHOULD BE GUIDED BY THE DIVINE WORD. 22:23; Num. Even the lost know we need a revival! The best things of this world only go so far. 6:12; Lev. What are thy longings, then, my hearer?" What says the Saviour of such?

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