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Naša reštaurácia sa nachádza v centre Bratislavy na Vysokej ulici. Served on a bed of Pita Chips. Our closing times are as stated and table time is 2 hours FROM TIME OF BOOKING.Late arriving tables may be put to the back of the queue for service or cancelled after 15 minutes no show. Loaded with Fresh Spinach, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Basil, Olives, Purple Onion, Gouda and Feta Cheese. Home; ... Download our Menu to use Anytime . Traditional or Chicken served in a pita with tomatoes, onions & tzatziki (cucumber) sauce. garnished with pine nuts and shaved Parmesan cheese, Baby shrimp sautéed in our marinara sauce, served over our house-made linguini, Blackened tilapia topped with Cajun butter sauce and shrimp over rice. We have the Best Falafel in Jacksonville. Menu Page 1 (jpg) Download. Menu Working hours … Housemade wontons stuffed with fresh crabmeat and melted cheese, fried golden brown and served with a sweet chili sauce for dipping. Mussels sautéed with garlic, lemon, and white wine, House-made wontons stuffed with fresh crab meat and melted cheeses, fried golden brown and served with a sweet chili sauce for dipping, Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil seasoned with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, Tender golden calamari served with our signature marinara sauce, A savory mix of lump crabmeat, Italian cheeses and a touch of Old Bay, served with toasted bread, Oven dried tomatoes, Italian cheese blend, fresh mozzarella and basil, Crisp lettuce, fresh Parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing and garlic croutons Add chicken - 4.00 | Add shrimp (5) - 6.00, Chopped romaine topped with feta, olives, green peppers, pepperoncini, tomatoes and Greek dressing Add chicken - 4.00 | Add shrimp (5) - 6.00, Beets, red onions, tomato, feta cheese, and pumpkin seeds. A personal handcrafted pizza with steak, caramelized onions and melted mozzarella. Served with Rice, Salad, Hummus and Bread. Vitajte na stránkach reštaurácie Olive Tree. Chicken breast sauteed with artichoke, mushrooms, peas and tomatoes in a light tomato broth, served over fettuccine. The Olive Tree Bible App is my default mobile Bible. Ask us about our “bespoke menu solution” where our team will work with you, to design a menu that fits with your exact requirements. Fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese. Tender golden calamari served with our signature marinara sauce. Fresh Prosciutto, Capicola, Genoa Salami, Cheeses, Mixed Olives and Fresh Veggies. Topping choices include: pepperoni, italian sausage, ham, onions, green peppers, bacon, mushrooms, black olives and tomatoes, $1.00 each, Ages 10 and under. Shrimp, Italian herbs and spices sauteed in our diavolo spicy marinara over linguine. Our Mediterranean Chicken with Fresh Veggies and our Garlic Mayo with a spicy kick. Roasted Eggplant blended with Tahini, Garlic, Lemon, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Spices. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and send you all our very latest menus. Breaded eggplant topped with our signature marinara and melted cheese, served with angel hair pasta. Menu Page 1 (jpg) Download. Our Menu Our foods are made fresh from the scratch in our kitchen. Olive Tree Pizza & Grill Olive Tree Pizza & Grill Olive Tree Pizza & Grill (864) 284-9050 or (864) 284-0090. Served with a side of pasta, Fresh cavatelli pasta, chicken, fresh garlic, basil, spicy pomodoro topped with shaved parmesan sauce, Boneless chicken breast sautéed with fresh mushrooms and finished with marsala wine sauce, Boneless chicken breast breaded and fried topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with a side of pasta, Sautéed chicken and broccoli florets tossed with homemade fettuccine in our Alfredo sauce, Shrimp, crabmeat, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh asparagus sautéed in a white wine cream sauce tossed with penne, Shrimp, Italian herbs & spices sautéed in our Diavolo spicy marinara over linguine, Baby shrimp and broccoli florets tossed with house-made fettucine in our Alfredo sauce, Baby shrimp and shallots sautéed in a white wine garlic and butter sauce, served over homemade linguine, Jumbo shrimp sautéed with basil pesto tossed with linguine pasta. Lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise , served with fries. Wraps, Burgers, Salads, Subs, Soups, you name it! Potatoes with Parsley, Purple Onion, Garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Special Spices and Fresh Lemon. Fresh little neck clams in a garlic, olive oil and white wine sauce. Half Lamb and half Beef Burger seasoned with Pureed Onion, Parsley and our Special Spices. We are located at 7005 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD 21060. Sweet Belgian Waffle topped with Ice Cream Signature Berry Blend and Chocolate. olive tree restaurant We are a Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant in Central Milton Keynes offering you freshly cooked authentic dishes in a relaxed environment … Topped with a touch of Marinara and Pickles on an Amoroso Roll. Angus beef patty topped with American cheese, lettuce and fresh tomato, Fresh chopped steak, melted cheese, lettuce and tomato on a toasted sub roll, Hand breaded crispy chicken with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, Our famous Maryland crabcake broiled or fried topped with crisp lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun Market Price, Fried codfish with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, Toppings choices include pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, onions, green peppers, bacon, mushrooms, black olives and tomatoes - 1.00 each, Tomatoes, olives, artichokes, mushrooms, olive oil and garlic sautéed in a white wine sauce, Spaghetti blended with sautéed bacon and mushrooms in our Alfredo sauce, Fresh vegetables sautéed in a garlic white wine sauce over penne, Cheese filled tortellini sautéed with peas, ham, and mushrooms in Alfredo sauce, Sautéed Italian sausage, black olives, and mushrooms in our marinara sauce, served over fettucine, Topping: meat sauce, meatballs, Italian sausage, mushrooms $2 each, Breaded eggplant topped with our signature marinara and melted cheese, served with angel hair pasta, Pasta shells stuffed with ricotta cheese and topped with hearty meat sauce and melted cheese, Homemade ziti pasta baked with our signature marinara and melted cheeses, Homemade manicotti stuffed with ricotta and topped with our marinara and melted provolone cheese, Gnocchi with parmesan and red bell pepper pesto sauce, Battered in egg and stuffed with prosciutto and topped with melted Italian cheeses in a white wine lemon butter sauce. Until then, please be kind, take care of each other and stay safe. We tailor all of menus to your personal preferences so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you and your guests desire. OUR MENU (716) 651-9940. Ham, Turkey and Grilled Chicken on a bed of Romaine, Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Peppers, Boiled Egg, Shredded Cheese and a Scoop of Pasta Salad. Fire Roasted and Tossed in Cracked Garlic and Olive Oil Sauce. Add feta cheese, Kalamata olive - 0.50 each, Served on pita with hummus, mixed greens, Marrakesh salad, feta cheese & Kalamata olives (Tandoori style 0.50 extra), Served in a pita with hummus & cabbage salad, afel, Eggplant or Veggies served in a pita with hummus & cabbage salad, Grilled seasoned ground beef, mixed greens, Marrakesh salad & curry aioli, Moroccan-style with chermoula marinade & cabbage salad, Choice of Chicken, Turkey Pastrami, Tuna or Chicken Tenders in a pita, Hummus, avocado, mixed greens, marrakesh salad & feta cheese, Grilled marinated chicken, mixed greens, Marrakesh salad, corn, black beans, feta cheese & BBQ ranch, Tomatoes, red onions, feta, Kalamata olives, mixed green, rice & tzatziki, Falafel, hummus, mixed greens & Marrakesh salad, Hummus, mixed greens, roasted peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, red, Choice of Chipotle Chicken, Chicken Dijon, Turkey Pastrami, Tuna, Chicken, With tomatoes, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing & garlic pita croutons, Mixed greens, Marrakesh salad, rice, feta cheese & tzatziki sauce, Served with mixed greens, Marrakesh salad, rice & curry aioli, Grilled seasoned ground beef, greens, Marrakesh salad, rice & curry aioli, Choice of beef, chicken, turkey, veggie or salmon (extra) with choice of chipotle aioli, pesto, hummus, mayo or tzatziki, Oven roasted chicken, spinach, tomatoes, provolone & Dijon honey mustard, Smoked turkey, artichoke spread, provolone, tomatoes & red onion, Oven roasted chicken, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & pickles, Served with roasted pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, basil & fresh mozzarella, Served with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions & cheddar cheese, Served with tomatoes, spinach, basil, red onions & provolone cheese, With sliced artichoke hearts, tomatoes, red onions & Dijon honey mustard, Tomatoes, spinach, basil, red onions, provolone cheese & chipotle aioli, Tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted pepper, red onions & kalamata olives, Served with roasted peppers, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella & chipotle aioli, Roasted peppers, tomatoes & fresh mozzarella (eggplant for vegetarian), Grilled ground beef, Marrakesh salad, provolone cheese & curry aioli, Served with bell peppers, onions, provolone cheese & curry aioli, Tossed with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes & creamy tomato sauce, Penne, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, roasted peppers, spinach & parmesa, Penne, oven roasted butternut squash, mushrooms, spinach & parmesan, Choice of Eggplant Parmesan, Chicken Parmesan, Meatballs or Mix Seafood ($1 extra), Grilled marinated chicken served with basmati rice, Grilled seasoned ground beef served with basmati rice, Sliced gyro meat served with tomatoes, onions, tzatziki (cucumber) sauce & basmati rice, Hummus, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, spanakopita & basmati rice, Grilled marinated chicken sautéed with shrimp, peppers, onions & mushrooms, Cooked in a creamy curry sauce with shrimp, Moroccan-style backed with chermoula, roasted peppers, tomatoes & olives, Marinated chicken, beef or veggies braised with artichoke hearts & olives, Seasoned and cooked in a delicious tomato sauce & topped with eggs, Marinated chicken or veggies braised with spices, onions, carrots & chickpeas, Marinated chicken, veggies or seafood, cooked in a delicious creamy sauce, Sautéed potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower with rice & choice of chicken or Salmon (1.00 extra), Prepared with mixed seafood, mushrooms, roasted peppers & peas, Artichoke hearts, asparagus, roasted peppers, mushrooms & peas, Mixed greens, cranberries, pecans goat cheese, Fuji apples & Dijon honey mustard, Served over mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, olives & feta, Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, Kalamata olives & feta.

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