how fast is ichigo

That scan was about the only time in the fight that Ichigo was significantly faster, other than that GJ was faster or around the same speed. yeah he is definitely in the PF susanoo tier maybe slightly higher from multipliers and such. I agree with SwordDancer but we forget any moment, Orihime can come along do a Kakashi saying she could possibly make Ichigo as strong as he would be 10 years from now in an instant via her rejecting ability. Take a second to look at our. It’ll be a nice way to relax they said. she is in awe at how she's never seen a zanpakto as large as his. Dangai Ichigo is one of the strongest people in the Bleach universe, not much is known after that. I think planet level at least. Hollow Merged Shikai Ichigo was giving throubles to SK Yhwach and forced him to activate his Almighty, and Bankai Ichigo should be even faster. Yeah, Ichigo's fighting style just doesnt match his bankai and his reiatsu isnt high enough. This one is pretty easy. I'm pretty sure that if Ichigo went in normal Bankai he could have in fact beat unreleased Grimmjaw assumign his hollow doesn't casue trouble like a fag. Ichigo should be sufficiently faster than Ichibei, lets say three times as fast to be generous. When I read the first part I instantly though of the 'Woodchuck' tongue twister but with Ichigo instead. 2 years ago. With Bankai multipliers, his speed would probably be several times that and go into some crazy numbers (probably low 6 digits mach). I dare say comparing him to a human-sized Juubi or Susanoo would be reasonable enough if only for pure physical power. No, Ichigo was not using his Bankai at its full capabilities. well he thinks luffy is an FTL multicontinent buster, so notquite planetary but its a difference lol. You are using an out of date browser. Who on earth knows. Look at the last panel of page 7 of chapter 211. after the byakuya fight he knows what happens if he overdo it, his bones break and shirosaki/wichigo or whatever people like to call him, appears. Dangai Ichigo then proceeded to destroy Aizen's Ultra Fragor, which is made of 6 Fragors combined, with just 1 casual sword swing. Well, during the GJ fight, Ichigo was getting matched by GJ in speed or even outclassed, but at that time, he was fighting with his hollow so he kinda sucked then. We literally still see the platform that Yhwach was launched from which we know is not kilometers or even hundreds of meters across and Yhwach had to shoot himself back with an arrow the second time before he got the max certain distance away. Shirosaki's attacking speed was not greater than Ichigo's starting speed. Ichigo's Bankai at full power = Yondaime. Second, how fast is Current Ichigo? Just the m/s or if possible, the Mach speed. Yes, Rukia got owned by him in seconds, but we know that Rukia hasn't show anything about her speed-wise abilities; she probably is not a very fast one. Come here to talk about fictional characters, events, concepts, objects, etc. Las Noches is big enough that it takes multiple days to walk around and Ichigo and co. run to exhaustion towards it without making any progress (reminder that Ichigo and friends could and did trained for days on end in previous arcs). who's 4 to 5 digits mach because of his fight with Ichibe and his 1000 ri feat. Until the novel's give Ichigo more feats, I'm wanting to put him in the country busting potency class with triple to quad digit mach speed as what I feel would be a fair high-end. I honestly don't know where that puts EoS Bankai Ichigo. Setting aside all of the perfect storm of circumstances that led Ichigo to become as powerful as he was, let me address a few things. I can't speak for others, so I'll only say how strong I think Ichigo is (I'll also not post scans because it takes a while and I'm at work, tho I maybe doing it later). JavaScript is disabled. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You want to know how fast Ichigo is based on the real-world metric system? The only thing that remotely suggests planet-level Bleach currently is Soul King shenanigans via Yhwach, which isn't really an applicable feat to Yhwach or Ichigo due to how it functioned, unless, again the novels do something about that in the future. I thought that was made clear even by the manga? The above pretty much makes Dangai Ichigo into the country-large country buster range. Fast forward to Ichigo vs Aizen. And isn't Ichigo a Fullbring to? He did not slow himself because he didn't have mentality to exploit his speed advantage, he unconsciously did it because his bones were broken by the pressure of his bankai. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Considering he that ALL the time in the Byakuya fight, it's more of a case of he can't speedblitz rather than he didn't. Now Kevin Lee on this answer points out that most Shounen speed is relativistic, meaning it's only comparing to each other not real things, and I argue that in most cases. So even without using the Bankai multiplier (between 5x and 10x), EoS Bankai Ichigo should casually be in the 5 digits mach range, so low sub-relativistic. Come to think of it, I think that this is his true speed. Hellverse is as far from canon as it gets before you start considering fanfiction. You're assuming every power source gives an equal contribution. Byakuya was an effective master of Shyunpo, even though Yoruichi had outclassed him, you could see that Yoruichi got worn off after that, while Byakuya serenely walked away. I know I’m probably starting a world war because bleach scaling is weird, but I want peoples opinions. Dangai Ichigo is one of the strongest people in the Bleach universe, not much is known after that. Imo he just needs to get used to the pressure. KT reportedly despised that movie, so there's no real reason to include it unless an OP specifically adds it in. To note that Lanza isn't the only thing able to destroy LN, as both Gran Rey Cero and Resurrection of the top 4 Espada is able to destroy it, which also puts the likes of Harribel, Barragan, and Starrk in the same tier as Ulquiorra (+ the character that fought those Espadas). with triple to quad digit mach speed as what I feel would be a fair high-end. Beyond human comprehension. I was away for Spring Break, but /u/ovy7's answer is pretty much what I would have said. According to Yoruichi, Bankai gives 5-10x increase. Soul King Yhwach had absorbed the other Sternritters, highlights being Gerard (who got thru multiple power amps since a form that was trading blows with Shikai Kenpachi, who should be country lvl in his own right) and Hashwalt (who actually survived Yhwach's Aushwallen, unlike Gerard who was instanly turned into a skeleton), after that he absorbed Ichigo's Quincy and Hollow powers, basically leaving him with only his Shinigamis powers or like 1/3 of his total power (maybe even less). But what do you think. Base Ichigo blitzed the Quincy girls and Liltotto. His strength's a pretty respectable fictional level.

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