ethical issues of genetic testing

But if testing his child at this stage is passed, thereby wife learns not only the status of their child, the fetus, but also her husband. Someone from the United Arab Emirates - just purchased the goods: Unlike the screening of conditions such as phenylketonuria whose management can take the dietary modification root with healthy and productive outcomes evident, there exist tests such as tandem mass spectrum which has the capability of detecting more than 20 conditions some of which have no cure. It has one gene that codes for it. Such information about the child, if it became known in school, may lead to discrimination and stigmatization. Bioethicists fear that if genetic testing is allowed, it could lead to some ethical and moral issues. Especially now that genetic testing is used not only for making reproductive decisions, but sometimes for making treatment decisions, on some tests. The numerous aspects of the genetic testing lead to an ethical dilemma which is of great essence to the healthcare practitioners. Caution is a big part of the approach of the medical disadvantages. The issues of disclosure erupt when the mandatory screening is expanded to cover these reportable conditions. 11111 Fact Sheet 19 | ETHICAL ISSUES IN HUMAN GENETICS AND GENOMICS 1 1 Page 1 of 3 Updated 15 August 2018 This fact sheet describes some of the ethical issues that can arise because of the use of genetic testing. June 14, 2016 When they are found to be “undesirable,” for a disease or any other such characteristic the parents then decide to abort the child (Johnson 13). What is genetic testing? And there is a certain doctor's duty to provide this information to relatives, or rather not even to inform and encourage the patient to provide information to their relatives, so that they themselves were tested. Having certain genes can be one risk factor, but there are environmental factors that contribute to the prognosis of diseases also (Vastag 721). Ethical issues of genetic testing is widely discussed around the world, and this is due to a number of points. Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Nursing, Unlimited editing and revision when necessary. Another wrong action that could be caused by genetic testing is discrimination. This is a very difficult decision, for that people should not only be informed - they need to understand this information. Ethical Issues of Genetic Testing. Unfortunately, the ethical issues are discussed very narrow circle of specialists and very few discussed other members of society in our country, and in fact there are more questions than answers. Besides, the ethical issues are essential to the medical fields as they allow for effective performance among the healthcare providers as they are tasked with maintenance of the interests of patients and families while addressing these issues and harmonize them to fit the situations that usually differ in different cultures, religions, and beliefs (Botkin et al., 2015). Jones & Bartlett. In order to make its own decision about whether to have or not to have children, to go or not to get tested - it can be very important. These reportable conditions are usually drug-resistant or a global health risk that leads to widespread immunologic genotyping. This article dwells on the genetic testing and the ethical issues that surround the issue. The discrimination ranges from the mandatory testing that the African Americana are subjected to before they are enrolled to various facilities in the determination of sickle cell anemia to workplace discrimination where workers are subjected to tests to determine carpel tunnel syndrome to determine their level of claims towards medical attention. In this case, an individual is coerced to use various contraception methods after a genetic testing session that indicates the fetus to be having a genetic disorder. And then there is another problem. Moreover, the doctor communicates not only with the patient and his family - a patient, in fact, is the whole family, but also the genetic information in this family is distributed, because the blood relatives of the patient can have the same mutation, and may require medical genetic aid on a par with them. This raises a number of problems. And ethical issues will arise again and again with the advent of any new technology. With that we begin selective breeding. Is genetic testing really a good ethical procedure? This may depend on the level of education, security in the society as well as freedom that the individuals have. Furthermore, the ethical issues allow for balancing between benefits and disadvantages that may erupt from the genetic testing and in the long run provide counseling to individuals and families on what fits them. Another ethical issue that erupts in ethical testing is the presence of false positive and false negative results that are usually evident in the screening tests (Ross et al., 2013). I will discuss the reasons the medical professions are for and against genetic testing also the concerns bioethicists have in that testing could be used for inappropriate reasons. We, unfortunately, there are questions. This makes the patients and the healthcare providers to feel the reproductive rights of individuals are infringed. A., … &, Wilfond, B. S. (2015). Whose side should be a doctor in law and in different moral concepts? One of the techniques for them to do so is to diagnose a problem in order to fix it the best they can. However, some genetic tests do not identify all of the possible gene mutations that can cause a particular condition, or they have limited predictive value. All these are pegged on the healthcare system to be responsible for the confidentiality of genetic testing. Most other diseases are not that simple, there are more factors to them than a single gene. Various ethical principles also come out in the process of genetic testing to different populations. Sometimes ethical issues in genetic testing does not have a unique solution. (2012). Ethical issues in medical genetics is almost the same as in general medicine, with some features, and therefore realized they shared bioethical principles: fairness, respect for the autonomy of the individual, not harming, it is due - and bioethics rules, such as the protection of confidentiality, informed consent for all procedures, truthfulness. Unfortunately, such problems are often doctor-geneticist encounters on advice when he needs to protect his patient, at the same time that the decision was made for the benefit of the family. Accurate or not, testing genes creates an ethical issue for more than just the medical professionals. Ethical issues in genetic testing are significant to the medical practitioners since it acts as a guidance of the scope under which they can operate in engaging in the diagnostic process entailing the genes of individuals. Diagnostic testing focuses on the identification of current disease status (Groepper et al., 2015). But what if it could also prevent and help cure disease? The … In fact, in medical genetics is very peculiar are the relations between doctor and patient. In the end, the limited predictive value makes the test not to provide information that a family may be looking for. Obviously, genetic testing has many complicated sides to it. Introduction. When genes get involved there is always the issue of bioethics and how far we should be able to take science before we are “messing with nature.” In From Chance to Choice: Genetics and Justice, Allen Buchanan et al., came up with different scenarios in which genetic testing could be used the wrong way. The most common genetic testing include prenatal and newborn screening. What could be, if the genetic information is made available to someone is not the one to whom it is intended? A patient comes to a doctor for a prescription, how to act. Ethical considerations in prenatal testing: Genomic testing and medical uncertainty. June 14, 2016 . Firstly, the fact that so far remain in the memory of the most severe measures, which were used by eugenicists sterilization objectionable in some respect people, and discrimination against these people. If you are predetermined for a disease, nobody is going to want to hire you and invest their time and money into training you. Genetic testing brings up different issues for different people depending on your background, and on your future. Technical report: ethical and policy issues in genetic testing and screening of. Genetic testing is the new wave of the future. Genetic testing is one tool that can be used to diagnosing certain problems. The genetic test identifies genetic information.

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