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I was talking about scalable web services…not your personal life!A lot of consumers live in non-urban areas…whether they like it or not…and thereby engage in very different behaviors.And they don’t always ‘follow’ urban. Part of it is the appeal (or lack of) – to me, the ‘burbs is nowheresville, with no real appeal. The E.U. Yes i understand you are comfortable having face-to-face meetings. We'd like to add a few more geographies to our routines so keep the opportunities outside of our big three locations coming. nice to hear that! 5 months ago. Which U.S. States Are Named After Royalty? As I said in the start of this post, we are focused on internet services of scale and will travel to find them. It tells them where they are but, more importantly, what they must be. I was going to pose exactly the same question, Paul.I agree that there is a fair bit going on down here but, as a Perth-based startup presently chasing early-stage investment, I think our investor networks are miles behind the rest of the world…Perhaps that is a function of isolation — sure, we might be “one Skype click away” as @kagilandam explains, but that is still a whole world of difference when it comes to face-to-face meetings etc, When the product is great location may not matter…. As a result they are less jaded. I/the start-up I was involved in at the time was busy creating many USA jobs, yet we were treated with huge suspicion at all times. My brothers wife who is a leading expert in BioInformatics with a PhD, who did several IPO’d startups, is well published, etc was denied a green card.Apparently it was lucky that I spent a lot of time out in AZ and had a room at their house because I had to write a letter explaining that I knew they actually were living as a married couple. Anybody who believes that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach flunked geography. It’s interesting to see that your European companies tend to migrate New Yorkwards. yupthat’s one reason why NYC is a better place for young engineers tomove to right out of schoolsuburbs might be a good place to live once you are married but notwhen you are single. I'm so bad at geography. And our "wings" go in two places, SF and Europe. Next thing we’ll hear is that, not only are you easing down on NYC but also on consumer-facing media. (And my goal is to be finished reading through the comments before you come back online! Obviously there are more funded and ultimately successful bay-area startups than anywhere else, but that may be because there are so many more to begin with.thx, The big wins to date are in SF but our NYC portfolio is coming on reallystrong. I’m anshuman at, “We like finding great teams in Europe and helping them set up the headquarters in NYC.”Works for me. And a reason why research and testing is important, because you could lose big over silly things.Note my personal tastes track to the cities. I spend a lot of time looking at maps of Pakistan trying to piece together and figure out exactly where all where all of this is happening and how these geographies are related to one another. D.C. needs it tech blood pumped up, it has a lot of potential. Nice to see the updated scoop on USV portfolio global distribution. How Many McDonald's Restaurants Operate Worldwide? Let us me know next time you want to stop. what about buenos aires, argentina? We tend to intensely scout an area and then use our imaginations to make the best use of the geography. I hope you enjoy! Conshohocken is not urban, its also not an area where a lot of young people would be excited to live! I love maps and love geography and it has always been a wonder to me how big the world is and how much of it we don’t know. How Carnaval Brings Different Geographies Together, Australia: The World's Smallest Continent, A Quick Overview of the 5 Themes of Geography. If triburbia = tribeca, that’s the first time I have ever heard it called that. Close. This morning as you asked this I was walking out of a meeting at Hearst. Fred,where incorporated foreign startups, USV invested in? you know, food and technology would be an interesting mix out there. So I didn't feel so bad not going into school when I was supposed to be there - why do I need Latin, geography, physical education, etc., and to get beaten on a daily basis? 2 hours from laguardia. I'm a great believer in geography being destiny. It is a big nation of card-makers and paper crafters, and Germany's market is at least five times larger than over here. Nice work, looking forward to hearing about your new investments. Headed to northern Westchester. As a result it’s more culturally OK to leave the office to go to a kids’ softball game. Those whom God has so joined together, let no man put asunder. If a foreign fund opened a small office in Italy focused on webtech, they would basically have the market to themselves. But you can only spend so much time on an airplane unless you are Dave McClure or Joi Ito. The teacher, in short, can use reading to introduce her pupils to the most varied subjects; and the moment they have been thus started, they can go on to any limit guided by the single passion for reading. On this day, 75 years ago, the largest amphibious assault in military history was conducted in Normandy, France. Texas is getting some love too, with 13 checkins, which gives me hope some of my Austin friends might get lucky.Anyway, super-unscientific since I’m weighting all checkins equally, but I think there’s a lot of power in surfacing this data visually. That is roughly 22% of our portfolio by names. Here’s the last 1000 checkins on a heatmap:…A couple of things jumped out at me. But it is also true that once you start going someplace regularly, start working with the local investors and the local entrepreneurs, you tend to focus your energies there. What are your thoughts? I’ve noticed that it is actually easier to travel to and then around Europe than it is the US. The deeper motives of bird-watchers have rarely been subjected to geographicalinquiry. What You Can Do With a Degree in Geography. But you have to be constantly reminded that it often has opposite tastes from NY/LA/SF. We closed our second seed fund yesterday to fund another 50-60 companies over the next few years. In the city, families are treated as more of an ‘edge case’ or niche market, not a regular occurrence. How to Define Geography: A Look Through the Ages, A List of Countries That Are Included in the Amazon River Basin, Academic Journals to Spark Your Interest in Geography, Discover the World With These Interesting Geography Facts, How to Understand Spatial Interaction in Supply and Demand, The 28 Member Countries of the European Union, These Places Produce and Enjoy the Most Coffee. your likely home runs are twitter and zyngaprobably will dwarf the rest of your portfolio combinedthe bay area continues to dominate the successful home run landscape!!! We have companies with operations in Boulder and Austin and go there regularly. Why Isn't Greenland Considered a Continent? D-Day, 75 Years Later. Basics Physical Geography Political Geography Population Country Information Key Figures & Milestones Maps Urban Geography View More. )-XCPS – I think it is hysterical that you lump Israel in with Europe. I have very fond memories of business/leisure time in and around Tel Aviv.Re: Israel and the EU – Israel already participates in the EuroVision Song Contest, so it’s half way there! Tribes today aren't the same as tribes thousand of years ago: It isn't just religious tribes or ethnic tribes now: It's sports fans, it's communities, it's geography. A conurbation with no clear identity.Team members will end up living in disparate areas, becoming commuters, with no real sense of spirit within the company culture – a 9-5 ‘commuter’ mindset will kill any company, especially a startup…I/we’ve had pretty polarised lifestyles, living/working either in the heart of a city (eg, London, New York, Sheffield, Vienna) or based at a rural location, such as now.However, our rural location is just some 30-45minutes from several vibrant cities in Northern England – Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester. Perhaps that is the next great model – find the company in Iowa – move it to NYC where the founders can interact with a larger ecosystem. And we see a lot in NYC right now. My partner is from Jersey so NYC will always be our central place.

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