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My Review: This strap is another one that does not stand out for its looks, but it has strap locks, it is made of a comfortable neoprene material and it comes in a variety of widths. The ends, however, are 100% genuine leather as PU leather wouldn't be nearly as safe to use on your pride and joys buttons. Over time, the holes become stretched out and the knobs can slip out. It is 3” wide making it the perfect width for distributing the weight of your guitar without being overly bulky. Which one do your feel best suits your style and needs? My Review: This strap has the Levy’s name so there’s no doubt it will be stylish and well-constructed. 2 inches wide adjustable length from 37 to 61 inches. It is very heavy-duty but if shelf life take precedence over comfort and you don't mind breaking it in this strap makes a valuable choice. Overall, this guitar is a sensible choice and it’s reasonably priced, especially considering you don’t need to invest in strap locks. This guitar strap has a great classic look, it’s durable, comfortable and it ticks off all the boxes when it comes to length and width. It is adorned with antiqued brass rivets and solid brass rings that give it a rugged yet classic look. If quality is what you are after you should be looking in the 30-50 bucks range they will typically last you a lot longer as they employ premium materials and manufacturing. My Review: This guitar strap is one that is suited for the Man in Black himself, yet the subtle and versatile design makes it one that just about anyone can wear. It adjusts from 38.75” to 58.5” assuring it is the perfect length for any guitarist. has a very good range of adjustable length from 35-59 inches this covers much younger players and parlor instruments also. It is very lightweight and sits comfortably. They are unable to strum the guitar correctly and, even though they can rely on their fingers for strumming, it’s most likely this will make their playing sloppy. It can also be strung to the top of the guitar neck. They also added padding for additional comfort. It is 2 inches wide so not so big it may fall off and adjusts from 37 to 62 inches. This will take a lot of effort and it can get expensive. Music Critic was founded in 1998, and publishes album and single reviews, music articles, concert and live band reviews and instrument and equipment guides. It’s made of a Jacquard woven fabric and it has genuine leather ends. Not only are these brands more likely to make a quality product, but it’s also likely that their return policies will be easy to deal with and that they will have customer service available to answer your questions and help you if anything goes wrong. Why We Liked It - It is a great cheap guitar strap from a quality assured company that is available in 9 different designs offering top brand quality with a low price tag. The pressure in one place can be damaging in the long run over long periods of playing. The back is nonslip and it is woven from thousands of fine threads interlocked along the way. 18. Material: Velvet At 2.5” inches wide, it is neither too thick or too thin. If you are looking for a classic vintage strap to compliment your retro Fender look this cream and yellow tweed guitar strap might be the one for you. The strap is made of a soft cotton and it has genuine leather ends that are guaranteed to keep your guitar secure. You will need a string to attach it to the place where the neck meets the body. They also make an extra long version. This high quality tightly woven entry comes from the crew over at Dunlop. Comfort and quality are also key factors. It is easy to imagine this strap being worn by the Norse god himself…you know, if he played guitar. What is the best guitar strap right now? Note, some guitar straps have padding or fur under the strap which increases the comfort level. This strap is described as an Odin Viking Leather Strap so you might imagine it to be best suited to beefy guitarists who play Viking metal. These are a pretty safe bet for most guitarists. The fact that it is comfortable and easy to adjust also puts it over the top. This strap definitely has a glamorous look so it is recommended for players who have an over the top style. There are many things a player can do to keep this from happening. It's seriously well made and offers impressive tensile strength. Length: Adjustable from 42.5 – 58.5”. Picture it, a guitarist is on stage strumming a song when suddenly the pick falls out of their fingers. The AirCell guitar strap from KLIQ makes for a monster of man-made guitar strap it has been very well thought out and we like extra length the company has gone into researching and developing maximized comfort for their strap. Material: Leather It is also sometimes wise to seek a wider strap (2.5”/3”) to better spread the weight, though wider straps can slip off of smaller shoulders. Width: 1/4” It has great quality, fine stitching. My Review: This is the most expensive guitar strap on the list yet and that’s partly due to its stand out looks. It is made with printed PU leather with an intricate, artistic design. Regardless of the fabrics and components used, it needs to be well constructed if it is poorly made it won't be of much use. It’s adjustable from 41” to 67” so it will fit most players and it has a 2” width. There are looks that are suited to every style of music. 16. Leather will take a while to break in and will outlive many other straps but it requires maintenance to keep in tip-top condition. The strap is quite attractive and the fact that it has a distinctly goth look makes it perfect for those who play music like goth, industrial, and metal. The strap has a stylish look, it’s comfortable and it’s built to last. The strap is 2 ½ inches in thickness which is an excellent compromise when it comes to providing style and support. Therefore, you will want to opt for a material that is as comfortable as possible. 2 inches wide and adjustable length from 37 to 62 inches. A broken strap leads to a nightmare scenario for performers - and happens more often than you might think. Although this tends to bring the price of the strap up, it also saves you money on having to buy strap locks somewhere down the line. It adjusts from 46-56 inches and its overall design allows for an improved weight distribution. The strap can best be compared to a harness at it goes over both shoulders. However, the design is so subtle, and with the black on black color, I can see this on guitarists of any genre.

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