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The more you read and the better quality writing you read, the more it will improve your own writing ability. So here, in a nutshell, are the 10 Benefits of Reading: the Top 10 reasons why reading is important and why children – and adults! It is a fact that the ability to be articulate impresses others and paves the way to promotions, leadership roles, and public office. When you go to bed without having read a page of a book that day, you have your solution next to you. In this article, we’ll cover 15 incredible benefits of reading, many of which are backed by scientific studies. Reading about their struggles, their passions, their achievements allows you to connect with people who are different than you and your culture, opening you up to understanding and appreciating the validity of people from all backgrounds. 9. Reading fiction gives us some unique health benefits. I read a lot and have done so ever since I first learned how to do it. Reading is an activity you can engage in to buck this trend. So read on to discover what reading benefits you can gain! There’s a difference between passively watching television and actively reading. The reason is simple. And they don’t just do better at subjects like reading, English and history. Books are there to open the world up for us; to take us out of our own environment and show us the realities of others out there. You are here:  home / why reading is important / the benefits of reading. That’s right! Start to read a single page every day. If you've had a look around this site, you'll know that I'm passionate about reading. of people, places and things into pictures. Get in touch with us using the contact form below and a representative will return your enquiry as soon as possible. Reading regularly gives me much to think about, which means I’ve got an endless amount of new topics to explore when I’m with my friends. Sometimes the best ideas come from fiction. Basically, because the story or article has a narrative to it, our brains have to process the story logically, connecting a to b to c. This process improves our ability to concentrate and boosts our attention span. Bukit Perak, All right reserved. By reading books or other long-form media, as opposed to tweets or statuses, we help re-wire our brain to not be distracted as easily. Reading is like a sleeping pill, it is relaxing and sleep-inducing, especially if you’re tired and stressed out. 3 Improving children’s reading in primary schools 12 Reading policy in primary schools 12 Recommendations to the new government 14 Conclusion 17 Endnotes 18. iv For too long, too many primary school children in England have been allowed to fall behind in reading. When you read every day, you’re regularly engaging your brain in a workout. © 2010-2020 Best Books for Kids      privacy      disclaimer      site map      about, ‘Of course it does because you’re identifying with the character in the story so you’re feeling what he’s feeling.’. It means that reading becomes a workout for your brain. Reading is a great form of entertainment. As mentioned earlier, this improves analytical skills and memory. Reading is a positive habit that has life-long impacts on your health. Create a routine of reading in the evenings. In fact, studies have shown that reading every day can actually increase your life expectancy. You have to remember a range of characters, their backgrounds, actions, roles in the plot, as well as the various sub-plots that make up the story. The Health benefits of reading cannot be overstated. I've overseen the evolution of Ideapod from a social network for ideas into a publishing and education platform with millions of monthly readers and multiple products helping people to think critically, see issues clearly and engage with the world responsibly. I absolutely love it and am now more convinced than ever that the ability to read well is the key to achieving the things that make life worth living: strong relationships, fulfilling careers and helping others. A study of over 3,600 participants found that those who read regularly lived an average of 2 years longer than those who didn’t regularly read books and news articles. This is because children learn new words as they read but also because they unconsciously absorb information as they read about things like how to structure sentences and how to use words and language effectively. If they read regularly, they develop the ability to do this for longer periods. A typical “whodunit” which many readers find so enthralling poses a mystery that is a challenge for readers to solve, which helps develop their analytical skills. Check out the video below where I explain this process: Reading enhances the creative process by providing more inputs to your eventual creative output. In turn, they’re more likely to inspire their own kids to become readers as well. It’s a fantastic way to expand the mind. Turns out, there are major benefits of reading books and other long-form articles every day. Reading doesn’t only help you to fall asleep, it also improves your overall sleep quality. At the same time, the average length of our attention spans is decreasing. They are exposed to ways of life, ideas and beliefs about the world which may be different from those which surround them. Finally, it’s good to know that your love of reading is going to have important downstream consequences, especially if you have children. story, we’re also imagining how the characters are feeling. Reading offers profound physical and mental health benefits. This is an important point because these days we seem to have forgotten how to relax and especially how to be silent. You can take advantage of this fact by regularly reading out loud to your children at home. Keep your goals simple. Reading teaches children about the world around them. Why I’m happy being single and not in a relationship, I was deeply unhappy…then I discovered this one Buddhist teaching, The strangest thing men desire (and how it can make him crazy for you). Besides, the more knowledge you have, the better equipped you are to handle many of life’s challenges. 10. I was spending time with a friend recently when she said the nicest thing. The eBooks are worth hundreds of dollars, but you can join with a 7-day free trial. Change your habits and routines and your life will also change. Go to a quiet place at home or at a local park and read a single page. is something I’ve only recently realised but it makes sense. The benefits of reading start with the first book a baby hears and continue into childhood and throughout the child's life. Another key benefit of reading every day is that it improves your attention span.

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