amai mask vs clown

After that, Homeless Emperor lived in a park until a being appeared before him and gave him powers. Honestly the sonic and flash plot line is a mess. Amai Mask is like a approver for heroes to move from A to S. If he moves to S Class, he'll be in the lower rankings as clearly he can't overtake FF or Tatsumaki. L.D. Although initially unable to hold his own against Sweet Mask, his strength eventually grows to the point that he is able to easily pummel Sweet Mask, and the hero proclaims that he's too strong to defeat while in his human form. Pesky Clown is a stereotypical clown with red face paint over his eyes, nose and mouth with white face paint over the rest of his face. Flash clearly poisoned Sonic before killing almost everybody, leaving him incapacitated. Chainsaw Man: Wait, Does Denji Have Two [SPOILERS] Now? Close. His transformation doesn't seem that he used against Black Sperm, meaning he wasn't completely transformed against the MA cadres. Pesky Clown enjoys attention and is sadistic. He has witnessed Saitama and the two have talked for an entire day. Amai Mask vs Other S Class S class except Flashy Flash, Darkshine, Bang, Atomic Samurai, Tatsumaki, WDM, Blast, Drive Knight. In that moment they were also the last hope for humanity aside for Blast. I'd put him below Bang, Flash, Darkshine, and Atomic Samurai. Like most heroes actually. im pretty sure the webcomic mentioned that most s-class heroes were in fact lower much ranked before they got their promotion (i think one was even c), Edit: i just checked. True but Amai mask' job specifically is to prevent people from joining S class.You're supposed to rank to the top of your current class before given chance to move up to the next one.That's why saitama was rank 1 C class before going to b class. As Amai Mask walks away from the scene, he hears a sound, identified as one of the Monster Association's executives. Tanktop Master. The particularly handsome Amai Mask gets a look at President Ugly, who -- true to his name -- is extremely unattractive, and realizes that he's an "ugmon," someone who turns into a monster because their appearances mean they "have trouble in society, which causes them to be filled with hatred." Incredible physical capbilities. They simply have to outperform them in their hero duties. His shirt is patterned in many bow ties with a polka dot pattern on the arms. Sweet Mask is vicious and decisive, but in the end he's just not at Metal Bat's level in terms of damage or durability. Realizing he has lost, Pesky Clown yields and begs Sweet Mask to show him mercy only to be punched into a bloody mess on the ground by Sweet Mask. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Posted by. You can find him on Twitter @LD_Nolan. He just doesn't want the Class S elites to any pushovers (like Puri-Puri-Prisoner). Webcomic Debut fair enough for the first part. The MA was in fact a much bigger threat for humanity than Pesky Clown, and i doubt Black Sperm and Evil Natural Water are weaker than the clown (all of this without counting Golden Sperm and Garou). but in fact he never did it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He finds tanks filled with the cells of Lord Orochi, which are used to turn people into monsters. Heroes don't have to beat up the hero above them to move up in rank. Secondly, Mask literally has a say in / controls who is promoted to A and S class, so wherever he is ranked shouldn’t affect who is promoted. His sleeves and collar puff out widely. Consider that it isn't the same Amai Mask as the one that fought in that fight. Hopefully one day Genos stops getting dismantled. The villain reveals his "boss ordered [him] to dance naked" at a party and then fired him the next day "for sexual harassment." When Genos entered the Hero's Association as a new Class S, Amai Mask said he'll allow it because he thought Genos is competent (lol). However in my opinion Amai Mask can't beat Atomic Samurai; too fast, too skilled and a bad matchup overall. save. In this new form, Pesky Clown pummels Sweet Mask and overpowers him easily. Damn, I'm dumb for not picking that sooner. we’ve yet to find out blast motivations or reasons for basically everything he does so until we know more about him and how he does things I don’t think you’ll understand his motives, 3.) Looking at the monster, Amai Mask finds he's unable to move due to just how unattractive the beast is, meaning the hero, by his own admission, "cannot win.". Mask seems to see the beauty in Saitama's overwhelming power. Is Metal Bat stronger than Genos overall? Katara vs. Zuko Was Trending on Twitter - But Who Would REALLY Win? ftfy. He had no reason to do it, since Sonic became an assassin, losing his previous, noble dream, only when he went outside. I'm excited to see how Amai Mask approves him into S class.". Although Amai Mask works as something of a gatekeeper and is entirely capable of joining the S-Class ranked heroes, President Ugly's ability to stun him will prove truly advantageous. The monster's pants are tucked into his spiky pointed boots. Except for Silver Fang, Darkshine, and Watchdog Man. After putting the ninja leader into a coma several years before, Blast went to the ninja village to destroy it, just on the eve of the slaughter done by Flashy Flash. What i am wondering is HOW ONE will explain these things in the manga (i thought about it but failed to find good explanations), 1- flash poisoned sonic to keep him away from his massacre, 2- blast not fufilling his mission or failing to do so isnt a plothole. I dont think he was joking, when he said he was stronger than atomic samurai (and maybe even more effective). Press J to jump to the feed. 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