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Chromium (Cr) The results are compared with the few existing calculations and experimental measurements reported in the literature.   The measurements were performed on a ∼400 Å thick layer grown by MBE on a GaAs(001) substrate. NaBr (Sodium bromide) BaB2O4 (Barium borate, BBO) GaAs | Optical constants of AlAs-GaAs (Aluminium gallium arsenide, AlGaAs) Adachi 1989: n,k 0.207-12.4 µm; 31.5% Al. We discuss the limitations of this simple approach, and in particular that the same improvement cannot be found for the whole spectral range including the valence plasmons and bound excitons. Refractive Index Database The table below contains links to refractive index data for common materials. Te (Tellurium) The band structure, density of states and band gap pressure coefficients of the ZnS phase are also given. CaCO3 (Calcium carbonate, Calcite) In the range of x < x c = 0.45 the gap is direct. ThF4 (Thorium tetrafluoride) TiC (Titanium carbide) SF6 (Sulphur hexafluoride) YVO4 (Yttrium orthovanadate) RbBr (Rubidium bromide) Li (Lithium) FAQs. Ag (Silver) The energy band gap E g of Al x Ga 1-x As alloys depends on the aluminum content x. H. Ehrenreich, H. R. Philipp, and J. C. Phillips, Phys. SOC | Dy2O3 (Dysprosium sesquioxide) Sr (Strontium) MoS2 (Molybdenum disulfide) Each material in the database has refractive index listed as a function of wavelength over a range typically required for thin-film thickness measurement. Ce (Cerium) HfO2 (Hafnium dioxide, Hafnia) The dielectric constants (εr and εi) and optical conductivity (σ) of the thin films are also reported. CdGeAs2 (Cadmium germanium arsenide) Ho (Holmium) January 2010; DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-92140-0_43. Phys. B4C (Boron carbide) All rights reserved. BaTiO3 (Barium titanate) Soc. CaSO4 (Calcium sulfate) All rights reserved. Sc2O3 (Scandium sesquioxide) TeO2 (Tellurium dioxide) AlN (Aluminium nitride) ZnGeP2 (Zinc germanium phosphide, ZGP) LiI (Lithium iodide) After growth the layer was covered by an As cap layer for protection during transfer to our ultrahigh vacuum measurement chamber. KCl (Potassium chloride) Na (Sodium) Analysis of the ellipsometric data with a multilayer model alloys us to obtain the dielectric function of AlAs in the specified energy and temperature range. Eu (Europium) 58, No.3, (1985) R1 the real part of the refractive index n of AlAs below the band gap edge can be expressed by: with. Ti (Titanium) KNbO3 (Potassium niobate) VC (Vanadium carbide) CO2 (Carbon dioxide) Optical constants of Ag (Silver) Johnson and Christy 1972: n,k 0.188-1.94 µm. Ni (Nickel) If the file is not available for download, you can request our proprietary file by clicking at 632.8 nm are For a typical sample of AlAs the refractive index Sn (Tin) KTiOPO4 (Potassium titanyl phosphate, KTP) As2S3 (Arsenic trisulfide) Hf (Hafnium) CuI: exciton energies, spin-orbit splitting, exciton effective masses, L-T-splitting, damping consta... InSb: dielectric constant, Raman coupling coefficient, BN: Grüneisen parameters, effective charges, dielectric constants, An optical study of a-Ge20Se80−xInx thin films in sub-band gap region, AlP: effective charge, dielectric constant, Raman coupling coefficient, Zinc silicon phosphide (ZnSiP2) refractive index, dielectric constants, Collaboration: Authors and editors of the volumes. Cu2O (Copper(I) oxide) InxGa1-xAs Nb (Niobium) Refractive index [ i ] n = 3.1601 Wavelength, µm n, k 1 1.5 2 2.85 2.9 2.95 3 3.05 3.1 3.15 3.2 3.25 RefractiveIndex.INFO AlAs (Aluminium arsenide) Fern and Onton 1971: n 0.56-2.2 µm CsLiB6O10 (Cesium lithium borate, CLBO) W (Tungsten) We show that the optical absorption spectrum of solids exhibiting a strong continuum excitonic effect is considerably improved with respect to calculations where the adiabatic local-density approximation is used. TlCl (Thallium chloride) 58, No.3, (1985) R1 the real part of the refractive index AgBr (Silver bromide) It is semiconductor material. Phys. The present paper reports a study of optical parameters, refractive index (n) and extinction coefficient (k), by analysing the transmission spectrum of thin films prepared from samples of Ge20Se80−xInx (x = 0, 5, 10, 15, 20) in the range 400–1500 nm. The refractive index of AlAs at 300 °K has been measured in the 0.5‐ to 2.2‐eV range of photon energy. Phys. Lu2O3 (Lutetium sesquioxide) Refractive Index Reference - M. Garriga, P. Lautenschlager, M. Cardona, and K. Ploog, Solid State Commun. We are thrilled to invite you to apply for the Sao Paulo School of Advanced Sciences on Vaccines, an exciting course that will provide participants with a critical and comprehensive view of the state of the art in vaccine research. (or is it just me...), Smithsonian Privacy Equation. Re (Rhenium) NH4H2PO4 (Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, ADP) Fe3O4 (Iron(II,III) oxide, Magnetite) Ca (Calcium) Many materials have a well-characterized refractive index, but these indexes depend strongly upon the frequency of light. M. Cardona, K. L. Shaklee, and F. H. Pollak, Phys. Optical constants of GaAs (Gallium arsenide) Aspnes et al. Ta (Tantalum) Sellmeyer equation. He (Helium) AlAs: refractive index Fernandes da Silva, E. C. Abstract. MoTe2 (Molybdenum ditelluride) PbTe (Lead telluride) GaAs (Gallium arsenide) GaS (Gallium sulfide) AlAs is found to undergo a structural phase transition from ZnS type to NiAs type at 6.68 GPa, in good agreement with the experimental value of 7±5 GPa. TlBr (Thallium bromide) Fe (Iron) +1 858-573-9300 ZnO (Zinc monoxide) Al2O3 (Aluminium sesquioxide, Sapphire, Alumina) You can request the full-text of this article directly from the authors on ResearchGate. In this way we obtained the interband critical-point parameters and their temperature dependence. Vol. CuCl (Cuprous chloride) 1986: n,k 0.21-0.83 µm; 0% Al n k LogX LogY eV BiFeO3 (Bismuth ferrite, BFO) > Bragg mirror | Hg (Mercury) It contains data on AlAs (aluminum arsenide), Element System Al-As. No guarantee of accuracy - use at your own risk. AlxGa1-xAs | [CSV - comma separated] LuAl3(BO3)4 (Lutetium aluminium borate, LuAB) Microchip | Phys. GaSe (Gallium selenide) The dispersion parameters are calculated by using the Wemple–DiDomenico model. YbF3 (Ytterbium trifluoride) PbI2 (Lead iodide) O2 (Oxygen) TiH2 (Titanium hydride)

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