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I was first introduced to Utada when I played Kingdom Hearts and have listened to her ever since. Her single "Crossing Field" is used as the opening theme to the 2012 anime Sword Art Online. Categories: 1980s, Artist, Countries, Songs, [List489655] | | +84 | Log in to suggest an addition, there's a pretty distinct split in the middle of the 80s when it comes to the sound of 80s jpop. they ruled Japan in the late 1980s and early 1990s. !Check her lives on tudouType in kokia concert. they're super energetic and had sort of a goofy image. Jazz, Rock to Ballads... She is the first Japanese vocalist which I completely fell in love with. Laugh out loud! From her first debut until now, she has given me so much things to learn.. I love how she doesn't sing your regular love songs, but all her songs have a special meaning behind it. (If you haven't seen her live performances, heck, go to youtube this instance! I think Aimer's voice really captivated me the first time I listen to her. Favorite Japanese Idols of the 80s. they seem promising and might get an entry in the near future. LiSA is an amazing live performer! I also Love Hikari^^... For me she's the best japanese singer . She is one of favorite singers! At 22, she already has 12 years of experience. She was the first Jpop singer I had ever listened and continue to listen to. but then, I also think she was mainly marketed towards children/preteens. With her unique vocal and with a strong hint of rock in it.. Rare indeed.. And on top of that she's a good guitarist too.. She must had to be 1St top cause she is Cute Japanese idol of all. I love Utada she is very talented and musically gifted... She can speak English and Japanese fluently and sounds good singing both! (imo, the city pop stuff is definitely what you should look for. this list has some cool idols I've found and my … KEEP Rocking the world YUI! I love Lia..Her lyrics had a deep meaning of life... Acchan'll be the next "real" singer at Japan with her aura! I haven't had much luck finding info about her. Discover the Japanese male singers who have made significant contribution to their field. apparently in the late 80s, before Wink came around and more or less destroyed the competition, there were various idol duos vying to make it big. She has natural singing voice like no other. She introduced me to a whole new world of unforgettable music and I cannot wait for her new music that is rumored to be coming out soon. She is a great inspiration and she captures the hearts of those listening to her! Kiss and Hug is currently my favorite song. (For those that aren't familiar with Hikki I'll list some of her best songs in my opinion: Japanese - Beautiful World, Sakura Nagashi, Hikari, Passion, Final Distance English - Animato, Exodus '04, Kremlin Dusk, Apple & Cinnamon, and all versions of Sanctuary), Utada Hikaru Possesses Passion and versatility unlike any other. Can't imagine how she'll turn out when her voice matures even more. For me, Misia is the best singer in Japan. Ayumi is the best singer ever. She is my favourite star for ever. She deserves more and therefore should be in the top 10! Nana Mizuki, a seiyuu (voice actress) and as well as singer; I'm glad to say that she's a great example for people who aim to be a singing artist. She has the best songs out there and is so charming and beautiful (which that should be a big contributer to her seiyuu work as well as in the music industry. ) When I see live music video, it feels like she's singing only to me, I sense her amazing presence. She manages to bring a smile to my face no matter which song I am listening to! She proves herself as a star every time she sings in acapella. a lot of her songs are pretty 70s-sounding, except with some synthesizers to make them more Modern. Please support this amazing singer, and raise her rank! Her single "Träumerei" is used as the opening theme to the 2013 anime Day Break Illusion. not the most popular idol, I think. Actor. 80s jpop is my obsession- particularly female idols. Is a very complete artist. her music and image fits the pattern of idols from the first half of the 80s more than the second to me... she may have felt a bit dated to people. So beautiful in her soft, folk-like rhythms. This list is loosely sorted by popularity and includes many great Japanese male singers, such as Takeshi Kaneshiro, Miyavi, Tomohisa Yamashita, Kazunari Ninomiya and Nobuhiko Okamoto. Kana is such a talented singer; she is so able to convey emotions through her voice, it's really wonderful. Top 10 Worst Things About the "Holiday Season", Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. She has a really great voice and I'd love to see her one day! she debuted in 1985 and released her last single in 1991. she married and had children shortly afterwards and never returned to showbiz. Once again, thank you Inuyasha for introducing another amazing singer to me. Her voice is so fantastic and precious! Yay! Her beautiful, deep and strong sort of voice is extremely pleasant to hear.

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